Monster Mania


What is Monster Mania?
    Monster Mania holders will be able to use their NFTs to their advantage as promo codes for our product line drops, which will include the following :
    #1. LED phone case display
    #2. LED rolling tray
    3#. Merch line
    Criteria on the amount of monsters you hold to redeem them as points will be announced at a later date.
    Will be released in no particular order.
What's the max supply of Monster Mania?
    Public sale will begin on the 4/17/22, 4:44 PM EST.
    Maximum of 5 mints per transaction.
How much does one Monster cost?
    .002 ETH per Monster Mania.
How can I receive WL?
    There is no whitelist or grinding for Monster Mania. Public sale, first come first serve.
    After sellout, OG minters will be airdropped V2 Monsters as well.